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chapter 5
Adri and Kid have been wandering around for almost half an hour now. They've been in silence, until Adri broke it. "Hey, Kid, I thought you said that there were Heartless roaming around. So why haven't we ran into any?" she asked in confusion.
"Huh..." Kid began to wonder. "Now that ya mention it, they haven't been around ever since ya ended up here."
"Then that might make this journey easier!" the young teen said cheerfully.
The thief smirked at her reaction. "Heh! Don't be too incautious now. They might pop out unexpectedly like they usually do."
The silence was fixed again for a few moments, until Kid brought up something. "Adri, are ya sure ya went inta fencin'? 'Cuz durin' that fight with that mob, yer fightin' didn't look like fencin' at all."
Adri stopped walking and froze in place. "Well, I did, fighting style seemed to be too good for fencing, so I quit and practiced with my older brother's wooden sword. And surprisingly for me...I was really good at it. I w
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A forest was caught on fire. Many Heartless have roamed around, searching for something. Or to put it simply, some'one'.
A girl of five was running around the forest, searching for someone as well. She searched everywhere for her father, the last that remained of her family. She ignored the paths where the Heartless were and kept searching. Then, she came across a dark path, with no sign of Heartless or any kind of monsters. Yet, the darkness in the path scared the child. She was about to find a different path, but a familiar, painful shriek caused her to change her mind, for the shriek came from that path.
She walked down the path with fear in her heart. Every step she took, a chill rised, causing the child to shiver. She felt like her world was melting, like a newly painted drawing being washed away. She was about to turn around and leave the path, but another cry of pain made her keep going.
She kept running down the path until she was met by some conjoined bushes. She pushed them a
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Chapter 3
Adri had finally awakened after a few moments. But something was wrong. What had happened to her wounds? She did not find one single scratch on her. Had everything that happened the other night been just a terrible nightmare? If it has been, why did she still have her mysterious key weapon? And how come she was in a boat and not in her bed?
"Where…am I?" she said when she managed to sit upward.
"Oi, good to see that you're alive, mate," a female, Australian accented voice said. "I thought ya might've been a poor, drowned soul."
"Huh?" Adri looked sideways to see who had spoken.
"I'm right behind ya," the voice said again.
Adri turned around and found the one who spoke: a girl with blonde hair tied up in a scorpion tail-like braid and cerulean blue eyes. Her cheeks and her arms had some face painting. She had on a necklace made of purple beads around her neck. She wore a blood red vest with a red blouse underneath that was a few inches above her belly button, red shorts that went halfwa
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Chapter 2 Dimension Warrior
Chapter 2: The Party and the Night of Fate
Adri and Meg were at the city mall, buying new clothes for the party and for themselves. Meg found a cute lavender dress with spaghetti straps and some matching high-heels to wear for the party. Adri, however, found a sky-blue tank top that showed off her stomach, baggy blue jeans, and a pair of sky-blue sandals. That was more of Adri's style.
Meg looked at her best friend funny. "Adri, are you sure those clothes will be good enough for a birthday party of a multi-millionaire?"
"Meg, I don't really care about how I look for this stupid party," Adri answered. "I just want to buy something that Chris won't have to notice me for."
Adri had already gone inside the dressing rooms to put her new clothes on. Meg waited by the door.
"By the way," Meg began to start a new subject, "any weird stuff happen to you lately?"
"Well, there is one thing," Adri said as she put her pants on.
"Yeah? What is it?"
"I don't know if it was a dream or not, but…"
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Dimension Warrior
Dimension Warrior: The Power of the Keyblade and the Seventh Element
Part 1
15-year-old Adri was just your average 22nd century American tenth grader, until one fateful night. PG13 for violence, language, use of drugs, suggestive themes, and bloody scenes. Action/Adventure/Romance/Comedy/Fantasy/Drama/Sci-fi
Chapter One: It Began with a Dream
A boy laid on the ground, all bloody and almost dead. The one who injured him was a mysterious girl with mid-long hair, her bangs covering her eyes. She had a very sharp dagger with some of the boy's blood on it.
She approached the boy with an evil smirk on her face, grabbed the boy's de-gravitated hair, and whispered in his ear. "You really think that you're the one who'll open the door? Forget it. You're nothing but an island boy who can just keep dreaming. You're a poor excuse to be the purest."
Then, she raised her dagger in the air and stabbed the boy in the back. Everything turned to darkness.
"Adri…" a voice whispered. "Adri, wake up!"
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Schala in Split Personal Form by adri8910 Schala in Split Personal Form :iconadri8910:adri8910 0 3


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